1. Have you guys checked out Natalie Portman's ( new Thor )
    work out routine?
    Omg she is huge. I think it might be HGH growth hormone
    lol marvel is doomed. Disney will coffin it.

  2. It's a padded suit. So what. Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill had padded suits too on top of their muscular physiques. There's no doubt that Zachary Levi put on a lot of muscle and got in tremendous shape. But the reality is a spandex suit is going to hide most of the muscle tone and definition, so the padding is necessary to display a god-like body.

  3. That guy at the gym, the one that tries to go 5 days but ends up going 2 or 3…the one with the inconsistent regiment.. yeah, that guy is in better shape than Zach. Absolutely pathetic. 🤣😂

  4. If you're famous, video about what you eat and how you eat and what you do next is watched like 3.5 mln times. God give us a life of our own! Me just came here to see Zach naked.

  5. i mean come on. love zach levi and he def got ripped and mad respect to him but that it for sure a slightly padded suit. His shoulders in that suit and wayyy bigger and more rounded. Again not saying he didnt get big, but it looks like the studio wanted to add just a little bit…

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