1. Wait wait wait , osvaldo one of the best cali athleats in the world with the cleanest forms to have ever been performed having only 77k subbs on youtube? Damn humanity

  2. Thanks for these awesome videos! However, I don't understand how you fit these training workouts to learn a specific move into a full workout schedule. How often a week do you do this? What happens with the other regular workouts?

  3. Grande osvaldo, eres mi inspiración amigo, un buen atleta y con físico natural, nada de esteroides como algunos falsos que andan rondando por ahí.

  4. hey osvaldo I can hold tuck planche for like 15 seconds ,pseudo push up down hold for 40 seconds and bent arms straddle planche for 5 seconds but I can't do full range of motion handstand push ups and when I open the tuck planche to advanced tuck I fall down do I need more planche lean or more strength please answer fast

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