1. Thanks. Some great skills on show here.
    This would have been much easier to watch if it hadn't had that awful music banging away non-stop.
    The climbers and spectators didn't have to listen to that, too, did they?
    What kind of World Championship for sports has chav carpark levels of this kind of music?
    (OK in a club, but making everyone listen all day long? Fuck that!)

  2. Yep loved the commentators in this. I love watching these women and men climb. So fascinating to watch.
    How do they climb with that music playing though?? It's driving me crazy

  3. Such an underestimated sport… did you know the winner only takes home 2000euros (china 2k18)? Total tournament prize pool was 20k euros.
    Lionell Messi earns 1.7M pounds per week, which means he can pay the entire payout for the IFSC world cup every 2 hours.

  4. Wow, what a way to close out the World Cup season! Incredible competitor, fantastic routes, high stakes, and so much drama! No spoilers – this is a much watch.

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