1. wth for the longest time last year i kept checking when X4s would come out and finally i gave up. now months later they have a whole new line of products lol

  2. I really don't know if Jaybird just does not play well with iPhone, iOS, or Apple Music because I tried the X3 on my iPhone 7 plus and they sounded horrible and I recently tried the X$ on my XS Max and they still sound bad. The bass is not clear and deep just loud and booming like those old cars that blast their music while they drive. My Powerbeats and even my AirPods sound way better to me. The only thing I really liked is the fit but still sweat got in my ears and I hate that. I returned both Jaybird pairs. Any iPhone/ Apple Music users that swear by Jaybird???? please let me know.

  3. Can anybody comment on how the Tarah headphones sound in comparison to Apple's regular headphones (2019)? I got my Tarah's a few days ago and they are "almost there" but I feel they are lacking just a bit of sound quality when I compare them to iPhone's. I'm in the fence on having them replaced.

  4. The X4's are just awesome i love my green alphas. Tried my buddy's Tarah's i cant tell any difference in sound. They cost less mainly because you don't get the extra ear fittings. That's about it man. Btw, your earbud reviews are awesome.

  5. I picked up a pair of tarah headphones on vacation. Wanted to workout left my headphones at home. They work amazingly for a spare pair. No real complaints, for a work around i used an exacto knife to cut the wing off the silicone ear piece. I did that fresh out the box lol the person in store thought i was a lunatic. X3s are my main headphones btw.

  6. Riz – Why not dig into any audio lag when watching video and the lack of aptx making a difference if any? It's good for those of us who travel a lot as well as working out The Tarah Pro's look like the ones to have.

  7. +RIZKNOWS 6rs? How are they advertising them as having 14hr playback time?? They change them since you reviewed them or something? Or is there an extra battery attachment for them? Great review btw ty. Oh wait.. I guess theres the Tarah then Tarah PROs…??

  8. I have had the Freedom 2's for approx. a year or so, and they sound amazing. The one piece ear plugs did not work for me, but after I ordered aftermarket ear tips and just used the fins, it was perfect. Looking forward to trying some new Jaybirds soon.

  9. I prefer the foam tips as well. I don’t like that suction feel that comes with the silicone tips. Also, it’s too bad these are supposed to replace the Freedom 2’s. I’m a female runner and I like the low profile the Freedom’s have.

  10. I have the powerbeats 3 and decided to try out the x4's. Ended up returning them after 5 days for several reasons. Maybe it's just my ears but the x4's were very painful to wear for even short periods of time. I kept having to pull one of the earbuds out to give my ear a break during my workouts. I tried every different configuration but nothing fixed the discomfort. I'm much happier with the powerbeats. I never have to ever worry about them falling out of my ear, I can wear them for 6+ hours without any discomfort and I don't have to worry about bringing a proprietary charing cable with me where ever I go.

  11. I don't like to run in the rain, but it a necessity if your an active runner. I think I'm going to pick these up. My headphones are on their last leg

  12. So, I've been doing a lot of research on Jaybird headphones and I've watched your reviews on them. I have a question 🙂 Could you check to see if the comply foam tips and the ear fins from previous models like the x3 or the freedom, freedom 2, or x2, etc fit the headphones of the Jaybird Tarah? I'm trying to see if it makes sense to by the comply foam tips individually and maybe an accessory pack for a different jaybird headphones model to fit the Tarah. It doesnt save me much, maybe 3 bucks lol but you get more accessories than u would with the x4 in that case, and an extra charging unit (if it uses the same as the x3)? I really want the x3 but I don't see them selling it on their website and I personally don't want to buy off of Amazon with an unknown seller. Would appreciate your opinion on this one! @RIZKNOWS

  13. Great review and I was curious about the difference, so this was helpful. I've had the X, X2, X3 and now the X4 and the comfort of the X4's is definitely the best ever. Also waterproof is great, I do listen to them in the shower now where I would be worried with the X3's 😀

    Keep up the great work, my first stop for fitness tech reviews is RizKnows…

  14. Absolutely love your reviews. This is one of the most unbiased channels on YouTube. I really appreciate all y'alls hard work. I don't buy a single piece of active style tech without first watching a rizknows review. I also bought my ionic and X3s from your app 👍

  15. Yes I would like to start running in the rain. That doesn't bother me at all, I used to love to period Then kids happened where. LOL I'd say the X-Force, better options.

  16. No I don't run in the rain…yet. just getting my workout back in gear. As long as they funtion for me, at this point I'll take the cheaper route till I get !ore into them.

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