1. Grow up people.. this is PURE CLICKBAIT.
    Your dick is NOT made of muscle at all.
    The 'meat' inside is simply a long spongy type of tissue that fills with blood to give you an erection.. and that's it.

    If Dicks WERE made of muscle.. wouldn't we all have seen some body builder's examples on youtube by now?
    Look how the biggest guys get..
    If we could do that to our Dicks we'd ALL have big Dicks wouldn't we.

    Stop falling for this rubbish.
    Kegel exercises DO help with bladder control though.. and can help you control your bowels too.. So if you don't want to piss and shit yourself when you get older.. keep up the kegel exercises… they can at least delay the inevitable for a while.
    But you're still gonna piss and shit yourself when you get older.

    Just stop thinking there is ANY WAY to get a bigger cock.. and definitely not this way.

    Wake up, it's clickbait for numpties.


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