1. I'm gonna join this challenge! I've been doing my weightloss on my channel to but I will definitely try to record this challenge too 😊 watching your daily updates will keep me motivated 😊💕

  2. shame it starts so late.. I justed a 30 day fasting cycle challenge at the beginning of the month. so far I'm down from 270 to 256 with a goal of 250. good luck with your challenge.

  3. Yay so happy we are doing another challenge. I started the last challege and i lost 30-35 lbs and kept it off but haven't been eating the best so I'm ready to start with ya girl💜💜

  4. Honestly I would really appreciate a DM group, to send pics of food or workouts and it’s a bit more interactive. Please consider doing one!

  5. I'm in! I've been procrastinating so badly, I'm getting married this summer and I have almost 40 lbs I want to lose before then. If I can get more I'm ecstatic!

  6. Joined! On my own weight loss challenge but this will definitely push me towards my goal for end of April .only difference is I workout at night it just fits in my schedule better , but Saturday and Sunday morning works .

  7. Yesss! We’ve got this. I was in the 30 day challenge group chat ! I got super off track and started going to the gym for a while eating good and what happened again? I got off track 😭 third times charm! ❤️❤️

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