1. tbh i do think its almost all about genetics! my entire family has a small butt. but its also cause they're skinny. i'm thicker than em so when i gained weight my small butt got average-medium. i really like big butts and i really want one , so i started to workout and eat healthy fats and things that make u grow a booty for a long time and tbh nothing changed. my booty is still medium. sometimes it look small when i wear the wrong type of clothing. but i really know how to dress my medium butt well so i could make it look bigger without butt lifter or anything. even tho u can use a butt lifter , but it isn't that comfy to me speciely in a hot weather , some people think my butt is big because of what i wear ( grey tight leegings , tight dresses and skirts. high waisted skinny jeans and shorts , and thongs as an underwear. ) and y'all should try to wear these it make alot of change its all about visual things , y'all can trick people eyes so they could see your butt bigger than it actually is.

  2. Ummm good ole pancake butt. Just how mother used to make it.

    Seriously your butt is still flat. You need to eat more and do heavy back squats.

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    Talaga akong iniisip ang genetika na nagpapakita sa paksang ito

  4. I hear pancake butts, peach butts, and round (fat) butts are all family genetics and racial genetics!!!! But you, on the other hand, went from having a typical white girl's flat booty to having a buscuit butt!!!!!

  5. Unfortunately my girl has this body shape. Not sure how I ended up choosing her as I like curvy women. She did do a good job of hiding her butt while we were dating. She also wore extreme overly padded bras ..I was shocked to find that she was only a A or B cup once seeing her without it. Now I’m stuck with a girl I’m not that attracted to physically. What should I do?

  6. Not gonna lie, this is pretty discouraging.
    I've battled with my weight every since I was a kid. I have naturally stretchy skin and no butt and no breasts. I've been very overweight, underweight, a fitness fanatic etc etc and never managed to find a middleground. I just bought my first pair of slim fit high waisted jeans and they look great from the front. But then you turn around and you're reminded that you have absolutely no butt whatsoever and that the zipper makes you look 3 months pregnant.
    I know looks aren't everything but man it's important to feel good in your own skin. Wearing oversized hobo clothes are comfortable as hell but not always what you want.
    Surgery is expensive af too. Never thought that my butt could make me feel so hopeless lol xD
    Fucking tragic.

  7. thats genetics baby, some have luck some dont, of course workout will make it look better, but say what you want a flat butt stays always same do what you want, thats the truth…

  8. Thanks 🤗 I used to have a peach butt then got sick and had my 5th baby and got more sick… now my butt is droopy and melty looking.
    I'm going to try some of these!

  9. Wow, I‘m so glad I found your Channel. I myself have a really similar body type and it bothers me every time a pear shape or hour glass shape girl shows how to grow a butt cause seriously with their body type they got much more muscle and fat in this area. So thank you for showing your exercises and your work you put in!! 🙂

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