1. Oh my gosh ! I am a Londoner living in Costa Rica and love your videos , I was going to tell you to come out here and do a video but you already did. Right on !

  2. I'm jiggered 😳 …..but many thanks for all the cool and enthusiastic videos. I don't have much time (or patience) when it comes to fitness so your 15 – 20 blasts are perfect for me. Keep them coming.

  3. That was Epic!!!! AMazed I could do it all the way thru without getting too out of breath! Thanks to your workouts! Loved it! I am starting to pour down sweat!!!!!!!! Love the afer feeling!

  4. LOVED hearing the tropical birds throughout this great workout!! Have to go visit Costa Rica now! 🙂 Thanks Joe! Love ya, Granny Smith. 63 years old. 35 lbs. down. 120 this morning. Goal met. Took me 10 years. Plan to never go back. <3

  5. Shame I can't really access this workout as I'm used to the 2:1 ratio. So 30 seconds of work here should have 15 seconds rest.. guess I could just hit fast forward each time!
    Cheers all the same, Joe 👍

  6. Good workout. Can we have a longer length full body kettlebell workout? When’s the next 28 challenge? Oh and need more add on videos for those extra bonus workouts after a session 💪🏼

  7. Oh you bastard Joe 😆 you almost got through the entire workout – then you pull out the Climb the Rope 🤪 Thanks for getting me off my ass yet again, awesome workout as always!

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