1. Looking after the children during the summer holidays and wondered how I could fit fitness in…then I found this channel! Have done 2 workouts this week already and it's easy to fit in with the morning routine! Thanks for sharing and helping everybody!

  2. Have to admit I didn't love that one. Would have liked more warning for each exercise and didn't like that each exercise seemed to be made up on the spot. Shame that I didn't feel very motivated throughout that one but plenty of other good workouts to follow instead.

  3. Worst parts:
    When he said “we’re half way through”… ?!???🥵
    When you thought you were finished but that last 30seconds caught you out 🥵🥵
    Great workout! Seriously sweating buckets 😰 and I did this in front of the tv at home. No excuses 😀👍🏻💪🏻

  4. Hi Joe, always looking forward to new workouts! I've been following your different workouts almost every day for the last month and I do have to say I really enjoy it! Keep up the good work! Thx from the Netherlands!

  5. I love this joe, thank you! I usually do 15-20 minute hiit workouts then finish them with one of the ab series! It’s been making me work out consistently and I love how strong I feel!

  6. I enjoyed this one! At the end I wasn't collapsed in a heap like some workouts, but by 8 minutes I was checking the timer on YouTube to see how much more there was to go! I've recently strained my groin so I didn't want something totally killer, but there were still burpees, squat jumps, lunge jumps, mountain climbers and high knees to get your teeth into! And this was your wedding day Joe! Congratulations!

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