1. It's your body and your journey. What you're doing is working! Do it up! I think eating at the same time makes life easier. We get hungry out of habit and usually at, or around, the same time every day. For me, I est when my fasting window is up and when I have time to cook and then sit down to eat. That tends to be after the kiddos go to bed. It's just nice to not have anyone demanding anything while I enjoy a meal.

    You look terrific, btw! When you first came on the screen, I was all like "who is that skinny lady?" I know you're in it for health, but you have some serious face gains going on.

  2. Hi Mieka! I plan to do a mix of alternate day fasting (36 – 40 hrs) and IF with a 6 hr window. Keep fighting the good fight, we can do this!! I really enjoy your videos…

  3. That's great progress in two weeks. You'll be out of the 220s in no time! Just curious how you stay on track when preparing meals for your children? I really struggle with this.

  4. Afternoon Mieka, Tanisha checking in & supporting from Jersey!

    I’d love to see how you incorporate the David Goggins rep method into your routine.

    I love fasting it’s allowed me to get the food addictions I thought O had under control. My first cycles in I lost 30 pounds in 31 days on The Snake Diet. I L O V E dry fasting so much I have to pace myself & plan them out monthly & weekly. If I time my meals I need to stay consistent at logging them. Eating later has proven for me to be optimal with burning it off and digesting.

  5. Fasting comes and goes with ease for me. I have minimums for my fasting window (14hrs). I chang my eating times around frequently. I believe that sometimes this backfires and I gain weight… and sometimes this works to my advantage. Overall, the trend is my friend and I have been going in the direction I want to. That said I think there's an advantage to having an eating routine that is same time every day – your hormones get used to that feeding schedule and it puts your body on autopilot. However, I also think there's drawbacks to your metabolism being on autopilot. Just from listening to others, and my own body, I also think that it is easier for men to have a 24-hour eating rhythm because they do not have a 28-day hormone cycle.💖🔥🌹

  6. One reason they recommend we choose a specific time each day to eat our OMAD is so we can establish a routine, because it is easier to stick to a diet to lose weight when we keep it simple. It’s kind of like creating new food habits that we are supposed to avoid, in particular when those are habits that made us morbidly obese in the first place. Not try to compromise with those horrible food habits and find a place for them in our “health journey.” I’m talking about the fast food. There really is no place for it eating that every day. As an occasional thing sure, but it’s loaded in preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, MSG… it will destroy your health and eventually you will be BACK on all your medications with metabolic syndrome even in a thin body. I’m not sure why my comments piss you off so much. It’s like you want only unicorns and rainbows and a community that caters to only what to you want to hear. If that’s what you want just say so. Good luck 👍🍀

  7. I’ve been eating at different times, my body has been asking me for food in the afternoon like around 2 or 3 and when I’m at home I just go ahead and eat, I realize that when I push myself to wait till 5 or 6 I end up binging! Honestly I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to hear anymore advice, I swear I was more successful and happy when I did my own thing, following other’s has me doubting myself, feeling like a failure and wanting to delete my channel. I know I have to shake off this negative attitude I have and get back to it, so what if I’m not perfect cause nobody is and struggling is part of the journey! You and I both know it’s easy to get up here and lie, it takes real courage to be honest! Love ya🌞💋💋

  8. Still doing 24 hr fast with a 24 hour re-feed. I am going to count calories to make sure I am not over eating in my re-feed. I feel good but my weight is not going down. I calculated my calories and I am eating too much in my re-feed window. I am going to aim for 1500-1600 per 24 hour eating window. I am also going back to the gym. I haven’t gained any weight but I just want these last 10 lbs gone!

  9. Still maintaining my 500 cal and under 10 carbs lost 5 pounds in three days all water but I’ll take it going to keep doing it till it stops working

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