1. I'm a regular gym user, and I tried going to a planet fitness once. Only once because it didn't fit my needs at all. They had policies like no chalk and they don't use free weights which I can see being more beginner friendly. Furthermore, I had to really control my grunting so I couldn't lift as exert as much force as I would have liked. For a lot of lifters pre-lift hyping is important to get into the right mindset. However, my impression of the gym wasn't actually that bad. I just think it's not really so much a gym as much as it is a fitness center.

  2. I actually did the fitness thing losing 70 pounds in 7 months. I back slid a bit since then but am still working out today. I feel better than if I didn't. Planet Fitness has to have other ventures in place to offset that debt. Hopefully they are smart enough to pull it off. I use my workplace gym so mine is free along with some caveats but I mostly enjoy it.

  3. I think it is great idea, it has a great price, and they are always busy, people are fine……..Considering the size of each Gym, You gotta have a lot , a lot,of money to start one of these franchises. I think if you were considering opening one, you are going to have to absorb the start up losses.

  4. I love this gym. I have always hated 24 hr fitness with dudes flexing and grunting and acting bad ass. The one next to my house was nothing but a fashion show. I only go late at night when it’s quiet and work out. It’s so cheap. My work will pay for any gym of my choice. I guess at 44. I do not want to be around lunks. It’s worked for me. I used to be a marathon runner. I am average weight now. I like to be around people like me lol

  5. I think the Judgement Free zone is working for me. I'm overweight but I go regularly, and I'm not so much checking out anybody else, I'm just there to work out. But I get that some people do get turned off by all the beautiful people posing in other gyms I've been to. Sucks to feel their eyes on your lumps and bulges. It's refreshing not to have to deal with that.

  6. Planet Fitness is the most hypocritical enviornment I've ever been in (and I was raised Mormon so that's saying a lot). I went one time with my friend as a guest (neither of us were super athletic, just normal people who like to work out). Immediately when i walked in they told me i couldn't carry my gallon jug of water on me because it "adds to the meathead/gym rat stereotype". There were phrases and signs painted all over the gym poking fun at super muscular people. You aren't allowed to grunt while lifting. The whole time I was thinking: "Planet Fitness: everyone is welcome…unless you're actually fit." They try to make this super nonjudgemental enviornment, but it seemed like they did it by judging muscular people. I thought it was a really disgusting approach to making overweight people feel comfortable in a gym. I'll definitely never go back.

  7. I bought a black card in March. You get access to multiple gyms, can use tanning beds and hydro massages. I also lost 15 pounds. It's an okay gym, but the best part is black card members can bring a guest whenever they want. A couple can workout for $20 a month there! That's a deal!

  8. I go to one thats like a 5 minute walk away from me daily to weight lift and do some cardio and I like it so far,I only recently joined but its LITERALLY the only gym thats open for 24 hours for 4 days of the week and that is extremely important for my work schedule,no other gym is like that,that and when I go in late at night around 12am I get to have all the weight machines to myself and I stay there for 2 to 3 hours. Its really not bad at all for $10 a month,I picked the classic deal that requires commitment for a year but I already know that I'm gonna be there for a few years so I'm fine with that contract plan. I don't care about the pizza and bagels though since I don't eat much of those foods lol I came in with an already relatively healthy lifestyle from cycling alot and those types of foods don't appeal to me much anymore.

  9. All the ones in my area are in lower class neighborhoods from old stores that closed down and that’s helpful because some of these bldg been empty for years . It helps boost the area , so 10$ a month is more affordable for the family budget

  10. I work at a real gym and make good money. You did forget to mention the ridiculous pizza day PF offers. It’s stupid. I wouldn’t recommend this gym to anyone, they don’t look out for the best interest of the customers they look out for their wallets. One of the trainers there I knew wasn’t even certified and showed my friend how to do things wrong even telling him locking legs in leg press is okay. It’s a stupid franchise gym, I’m embarrassed I was apart of it when I was 18, I’m glad I went to a real gym later on and make good money helping people. Letting them know “pizza day” isn’t a way to go…

  11. I dont get the hate by the fitness snobs in the comments. I go to planet fitness because it fits the budget of a college student. Also it’s right next to where I live. And so far I’ve been going 37 days in a row. ????????‍♂️

  12. I went to one with a friend because I didn't have a lifetime pass for her to use, and I just got judged the whole time by skinny out of shape people because I'm a "lunk". Judgement free zone

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