1. you can get a 300+ bench no problem with no supplements or protein powders but you see guys all the time with no gains but a mile long supplement stack

  2. Boring af. Who cares what these internet twinks are talking about. We know you are their daddy. Make some more demo videos or meal prep. I want a blaha burger. It idk how to make one. Alpha m is a man woman loser with his fashion. Make a Video critiquing his choice of clothes and hair gel. Thatd be funny. Af.

  3. IMHO with all the information about the right way to do laterals, if there are dumbasses still pouring jugs out then using words like glenoid will give them a brain aneurysm.

    Stay blessed Mr Blaha 🙏

  4. 1) A lateral raise is an exercise that lends itself to a little body English. If someone can use extremely strict form, chances are he’s using weight far too light to stimulate any hypertrophy worth a damn to begin with 2) Body weight dips are absolutely fine after heavy benching and bench specific accessory movements. I’m lucky to get 8-10 reps on dios with my BW by the time I finally get to them. I see them as a burnout exercise, not unlike the push up. Using them as a primary exercise is feasible, but too impractical for me personally. Loading a hop belt is just a pain in the ass IMO 3) I’m glad the term “continual tension” is being used, and not “constant tension.” They refer to two completely different things, the latter of which actually is a legitimate exercise science term. Locking the elbows in at the sides is stupid. Moving on 4) Keeping elbows tucked doing triceps extensions is a whole ‘nother level of dumb. So many people give this terrible advice to keep the elbows tucked and stationary while doing triceps extensions on comments sections of people who are actually doing the movement correctly with slight elbow flare and shoulder extension. Not only is their advice wrong, it’s outright dangerous in the long run. People get pissy when I politely correct them about it, too. Then they say I’m the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about 🙄 I don’t even bother clicking their faceless profiles anymore. I can only read “this channel has no content” so many times before it gets old. Their opinions are irrelevant. Hopefully people know better than to not listen to them. If not, they’re gonna learn the hard way 5) On the contrary, on a floor fly you can soft lock the elbows on the floor when the dumbbells make contact on the ground to allow them to reset, and then pull from a dead stop while concomitantly flexing the biceps, and then put a small degree of biceps flexion into the movement on the concentric and maintain it throughout the eccentric. And repeat. I would never recommend anyone perform flies on a bench. Ever. I certainly would never put a client on it. Idiotic exercise.

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