1. Christiano looks like he is limping, clearly his walk is unatural and stiff, you can see it when he goes to the handicaped person at 0:35 sec…he is clearly having problems with his left leg….look at him also in the gym when doing the left leg quadriceps reps, he is in pain….come on CR7, Full power into recuperation training !!!

  2. Ronaldo is smiling too much. In his new club the fans treat him like a God, and he is happy about this. I'm sorry for you Cris, in Madrid we always expect a lot from our players, and for this maybe you were a little less happy than now, but you had to improve and to grow as a player every match. Now be happy with your "always-happy" fans and remember that once you played with varane, casemiro, kroos and modric. Look now, bonucci, pjanic, matuidi and ramsey or rabiot! I hope that at the end of your awesome carreer you will remember where you used to be the real king. We expect a lot, exactly like you do, it's a fact. Madrid and Cris were the perfect marriage. Juve isn't at the same level, and you know it, cris. Hala Madrid

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