1. Holy cow, that commentator had no clue what the work out is, “ I see she’s doing the more difficult snatch” yup, that the prescribed movement, dumb dumb.

  2. the cuts this year are ridiculous. Its becoming like other sports now. CrossFit games were unique and it all used to depends on the results from all the events for everyone to see where they come out on top. Go Tia though and props to everyone

  3. These "women" got skills and bust their assess but just how fucking GREAT is modern day drugs??? Holy shit! Looked like Jay Cutler and Dorian Yates running around out there! These ladies will eventually pay the piper for all that drug usage!!

  4. How is Everett that stupid? They’ve said it about 10 times. You have to do snatches and clean and jerks. He keeps talking about it like it’s a choice because of fatigue. The other guys in the booth were trying to help you out you idiot.

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