1. My hands almost fall asleep when im on this or the front of shoulders/front arms get tight. I do NOT lean on the railings. I let my hands gently rest on the side railings or at my sides. Does anyone have a similar experience or ways to prevent the tightness in my front arms/shoulders or hands falling asleep? It only happens on the stairmaster

  2. Hi.
    great video! do you have one for the spin bike? PS i have recently started the stairclimber. I am age 70. I can do 20 min. now but my max speed is a 5 and I can't hold that for longer than 2 minutes. I sort of hang out at a 3 or 4. I monitor my heart rate and do have to back it down when I go over 150. My fitbit tracker2 doesn't track well at all on the stairclimber and … That's totally disappointing because it is such hard work. I wear a chest strap and the stairclimber machine as an example indicates a HR of 150 and the watch reads a maximum HR of 106 with a 89 BPM average for 10 minutes. I don't think so!!!!! Anyway, would love a video by you for SPIN BIKE WORKOUT. thanks!

  3. I have always wondered where the gals at the gym got the idea that back kicks at the stairmaster is a good idea. So this is ONE of the places, hmmmm.

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