1. Awesome man, do you think variety is important as a beginner? I'm unsure if I should just focus on push ups, rows, squats and abs 3x week, or do some kind of A B A style with the other workout being something like dips, pull ups, lunges etc, to mix it up and work some extra movement patterns?

  2. Hi Jake, I need your knowledge please. When I hang on the bar 5 – 10 secs later I feel a strong pain in the place where calluses usually come out in calisthenics athletes. Its a bruise that I think it happens becausethere may be fat on the hands or something. This feels really bad cuz I can´t do any pull ups exercises that require hanging, like knee raises, but obviosly I can do assisted chin ups without problems. I mean, I get off the bar not for pain in my muscles, only for pain in that part, my fat is like 22%

  3. I love watching your videos man, you have all the exact info I need sometimes I dont need to search YouTube I just look at your videos and find my answers here…keep it up man.

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