1. Muscles contract concentrically and eccentrically….. however doing an exercise with bad form the muscles don't contract at all… what is activation? You're using a bogus term that has no meaning… are you a snake oil salesman trying to sell a magic elixir!!

  2. I know we can make the same workout men do, but will these chest exercises lift the boobs or will make them appear smaller? Is there a way to improve cooper's ligament?. 😟 Maybe you can make a women chest video or a video of the differences based on anatomy and/or male/female chest goals 🤓

  3. I am 63 years old, and I have been searching for workouts that I can do at home as a beginner. So far, your videos are the best I've found when it comes to explaining the how's and why's of a particular exercise and the sequence they need to be done. Professional!! Thanks!!

  4. Hello. After a few months of training based on your advices I see the results on my chest. I can make 100 pushups without problem. But I have a problem with banded pushups. I bought a band with a resistance of about 30 kilos. I can make quite a few number of sets with 10 reps. The thing is I get the feeling that my wrists take too big hit. I don't feel pain at the wrists, but my palms are twisted. Your hands are straight, maybe you have a weaker band 😉 It seems that the band I have is too weak for my chest, but too strong for my wrists. Any idea?

  5. Very educational as always. And very helpful, too. I'm sharing this to all my friends so please continue making amazing and informative videos like this one.

  6. But what if i was a lazy couch potato for years and i'm in a situation where all areas in my chest are lagging? Does the order even matter in a situation like this?

  7. Hello, I’ve watched you for a long time. I’ve wondered how you color your muscle groups for your thumbnails as I’ve started a YouTube channel that was inspired by you. Thank you for any response 🙂

  8. Using dumbells doesn't activate all the chest because when you lift the weights and keep your arms straight, the shoulders take the force away from the chest.
    Using a machine or cables would be much better.
    It's important to train muscles full-range to prevent asymmetry/imbalances.

  9. "go down all the way to your chest": INCORRECT. This otherwise excellent presentation is marred by ignorance of the damaging effect that 'full-range of motion' benching can and does have on the shoulder. This is not a theory. This is a fact. However, the information on banded push-ups and straight-bar dips was excellent and new to me (notice that the dips do NOT go down all the way. The athlete is being properly careful). Much appreciated.

  10. I know people shy away from Dips because because of shoulder/elbow pain but when you strengthen your shoulders and elbows with other exercises, Dips become easy and painless.

  11. I really like your videos. I think there is a big group who would like to see this science based approach without all the nonsens most other Fitness Vloggers present. I'm glad you got more than a million subs.

  12. I am 5f5i, has skinny fat. from 119lbs I am now 125lbs. Will keto diet benefit me? Or should I just focus on what I do currently, I eat a lot of protein minimize carbs but still has a lot of carbs for bulking? It increases my skinny fat though, or I think it does.

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