1. These “unique” body types have been disproven as a type of way of working out…

    Plus if it’s a “unique” body type; how come there’s only 3 types but 7 Billion people on earth?

    Maybe research; or update your research.

  2. I already found past few months and being consistent gain weight from 48kg to 55kg currently still need to continue to hit average BMI I'm currently 170cm and has ectomorph body but thanks to Xnergy team who doesn't give up on me. Watch me I'll reach a very good looking body just like mesomorph, is not impossible but I'm Possible!

  3. Huh…..at last got a bit peace today…..at least some videos are giving good information and benefitting….. keep these videos cooking…..cz they r very very good👍👍👍

  4. Ecto,endo and meso also known as somatotyping was a term which was coined in 1940s. somatotyping works fine as a way of describing the way someone looks, it starts to fall apart when it comes to prescribing how they should train and eat. The big problem with somatotypes is that they’re just a description of your body at one point in time. And your body can change. How much weight/muscle you will gain/lose depends majorly on your metabolism,genetics,diet and workout and not on your somatotype. After 1940s so many researches proved that somatotyping is just a way of describing persons appearance and it has nothing to do with his musclebuilding capabilities.

  5. Dear person reading this,Don't worry. You will find love soon. You will find success. You will find happiness. And you will find peace. Be patient , whatever you do Don't run back to what broke you. Love from a unknown Youtuber.

  6. No! I'm heavy on the top and bottom with a smaller midsection… Gaining weight is easy and losing weight feels hard. I'm trying to find a balanced diet (veggies and dairy make me bloated and gassy, fruits and starches make me gain weight and too much protein makes me bulky) idk what to do at this point. Maybe starving myself is an option smh😢😔

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