1. lol i been doing it wrong for a long time but still i'm glad no injuries came of the wrong form i made it to lifting 250 with just pure arm and chest lifting without focusing on squeezing my core nor have i focus on digging my back in the bench let alone have my feet behind my knees i'm glad you displayed the way the bench is set up to. i can actual set this up at the gold gym im at for better safety know i can lift more alone..can't wait for tomorrow training gonna have fun

  2. Wow very informative video. I wish I had seen this before I started bench pressing. The equipment was old, bench was not aligned. Bar always looked crooked. On top of all that my form was shit. No wonder my left peck got slightly bigger than the right one smh.

  3. So something that I can't figure out how to counter is what I guess is called 'tennis elbow'. I've never injured my left arm but every so often, I'll end up with a sharp pain in my left elbow while lifting. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

  4. Hi Jeff, What about people with muscular pain just to the right of the middle spine? I find arching my back can make it tense to the point were I could lose all strength and cause me pain/ dropping the weight but the doctor encouraged me to do deadlifts so I'm coming confused, any help?

  5. I enjoying doing bench press but I always had a single problem with them. My hand placement was garbage and the next day my left wrist would be in so much pain to the point I couldn’t bend it fully. This video is mad helpful

  6. Do you have advice on incline? I think im doing them to low & seen it suggested to come down towards the chin. Also what bench angle is best?

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