1. Top quality videos and guidance, very greatful and lots of respect to you, thank you. I have been working hard and your videos have helped me in a big way. Pure brilliance!

  2. Is it normal to feel slight soreness on your lower back after doing this excercise? Even after you follow the steps correctly according to this video..

  3. I have a question regarding head/neck position. I've seen conflicting info. Some say to maintain a neutral position and keep it aligned with the torso but here you recommend looking up as you hinge. What is the best way?

  4. Very Helpful reminder of proper execution!!!! Could you make another video of back neutrality during the lift. I occasionally exaggerate by over arching my back in order to keep it straight when i'm deadlifting heavy loads (80-90%) . I have a sore back for the next 2 days, spine related. How to achieve proper neutrality (not over arching and not over bending) to maximize proper lower back safe isolation?

  5. The most important and impressive part of this video is that Jeff actually puts the bar back down slowly instead of dropping it like a pussy.

  6. This is how I’m going to pick up my laundry basket just to practice. Jeff- how about a doubleunderhand grip? That seems the most useful for everyday strength: moving furniture, boxes, bags of concrete mix, all of that real life stuff with no handles that you can’t really get your hands over…

  7. that is the best explanation of this lift ive seen . it does worry me this lift but you have given me a better understanding of it tnx

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