1. ok w/ good order but NOT
    actually perfect for most beginners
    — better to find exercises ACCESSIBLE
    to 90+% of the population rather than
    the far smaller segment who can
    do things elites find easy so
    they dont know theyre not
    ok for the deconditioned

  2. List of exercises w/reps/holds 8:20

    2-4 rounds w/ 3-5 minutes rest between rounds:

    Regular pushups (modified if needed) – max reps 1:28
    Floor pull ups (pull up movement using band/tshirt/towel laying prone on ground) – max reps 2:26
    Bench/box dips – max reps 3:37
    Rows (underhand close grip on parallettes/dip station) – max reps 4:21
    Pike pushups – max reps 5:00
    Air squat with calf raise at top of squat – max reps 5:32
    Knee tuck hold on parallettes/dip station – max hold 6:30
    Knee raises on parallettes/dip station – max reps 7:02
    Plank hold on forearms – 30 seconds 7:25

  3. Hi Franck.

    First of all i would to say : "Thanks you". I watched a video from your channel and i began Calisthenics and some Bodyweight exercices & training. Your video (TRAIN INSANE Calisthenics Workout) give me a lot of motivation to control my body and even my mind.

    But i've got a question. I consider myself still a beginner because i've got only 6 months experience of Calisthenics. I'm watching video and i try to follow these or i get some inspiration and create my own Workout. So there's my question : It's that more efficient to do MAX Reps for increase my strenght ? Or should I create a circuit like your Push-up videos ? (12 push-up x3, etc… ?)

    At this moment, i don't feel any great evolutions (I've got evolution => a little more reps on pull ups etc… but it's a "strange feeling") so i'm searching a good way to train myself and having a better vision of my body.

    Sorry for my bad english,
    Hi to Belgium bro!
    Keep it up !

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