1. I been have been doing this workout ever since she posted and walking a 1 mile every other day. I have drop a whole pant size and almost another one. I absolutely love this workout♥️. I probably lose thigh fat faster because I stay consistent with this workout.

  2. I just did it!❤️🌞 I am so proud even though I feel like I’m dying 😬😅 This is the 1 ever workout I finished I’m totally going to tell my friends about your cool, and easy workouts🌞

  3. i love you you're so uplifting! but i feel like i must be doing something wrong…as i just did work out and legs aren't burning at all🤨

  4. Can you please do a workout that specifically targets the upper butt? I'm trying to be as effective as I can at working out the upper booty because I don't have much muscle there and I really want a rounder butt. Please consider making a workout for the upper butt. Thank you!

  5. I know this might sound stupid but, At what time do you usually eat lol.. is it better to eat good before a workout or After? Or does it even matter? Do you have cheat days? I’m actually happy with my body I just have This lil stomach I’m trying to get rid off 😭 I love your Videos you have such a positive vibe and you seem so cool. I had to subscribe xx

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