1. Tech N9ne needs to go into acting, 'cause he would make a fucking awesome actor. Every video he's in he kills it, and he makes everyone look better because of it. I never heard of the other guy but he's good too. I wonder if he's every considered it!?

  2. Yet its still Poseidon who tells me there aint no Atlantis in the atlantic..
    Guess he just as fishy as Admeral Ackbar cuz we all know its a trap..
    Guess i just keep aquired a string of leters i can put together in the shape of a knife..
    Wich shoved through my heart so i can catch a flight with no wings and Live my life in a heaven on Earth..
    Cuz i still didnt get to the mountains due to the fact i cant reach this guy by just talken about how I just listened to that guy token cuz we just roasting Ghosts at a methidic level and able to keep up with mithic speaches in the church up on the hill..
    But he not the only one callin this shit a highdea..
    You may 👀 my words but please do not read in between the lines cuz its just a a blank space for more words to be put…💛😂👀👽💀

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