1. Men's Health gave me my start in fitness. In fact, if it wasn't for them I most likely wouldn't be where I am today. I'm so thankful and grateful to the team that I worked with at the start of my career.

    But it seems like since then things have just taken a COMPLETE left turn and the integrity of the Men's Health video team in terms of providing quality content has just dissipated. Is this hate or is this bringing attention to the widespread of misinformation and utter GAHHHBAGE that has become YouTube Fitness?

    I know what I'm doing in the gym, so stuff like this doesn't impact my workout. But if you're a fan of Tom Ellis, who is an AMAZING actor, you're more than likely going to trust the advice given in this video because MEN'S HEALTH puts their seal of approval on it and that is just WRONG!

  2. I wouldn’t say the arch comes from the swing it’s because of the weak shoulders. When you arch then your chest assist your shoulders.

  3. i like lucifer but i would like tom have more mucscle looking at he lift almost no weight make me feel sad hes aint bitch boy man give him weight

  4. My dude I was so objective in the comments in that LUCIFER VIDEO when I first saw it. It was so wrong I couldn't stop shaking my head, I was like this guy is gonna injure himself or someone watching this it was crazy wrong!

  5. I use gloves as I have girly hands and don't need callouses. Helps with the grip though as I have very very sweaty hands and gloves help to absorb it and give me grip. Otherwise I am not sure I'd use them.

  6. I'm thinking Tom must know a little of what hes doing …..chicks dig him and men want to be him ..he was in how many TV shows over in England.. making the $$$ I'm thinking hes happy with his size he only wants to stay toned

  7. Hey Scott , this video is why I only follow you and a couple of others that I know you would approve of such as Jeff Cavalier.
    I realize how especially important it is to have clear and correct instructions on how to perform various routines “properly” . At my age
    I workout almost exclusively for strength and conditioning. I still compete in OCR events and have learned a lot from your videos. All that to say just keep the great videos coming! There is way to much gaahbaagee out there, 🏋️‍♀️

  8. i don't agree with a lot of your statements.
    I mean they are mostly correct but we always have to remember that his body is worth more than each of our lives. sad but true.
    so it's normal that the trainer is always 100% on it for any possible incident that might happen.

  9. I really enjoyed the video. I was freaking laughing in the office and everyone's like WTF is wrong with thus guy. Gosh you were hilarious but with a point thou.

  10. I love this video, it’s all so true what you are saying.

    I never take anything that Men’s Health publishes seriously. It’s all trash that make ordinary people think they can achieve the same results as Hollywood actors from one workout when in reality these actors have diet plans, training regiments, PTs, supplements and take performance enhancers. It’s all false

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