1. Hi Schellea I just wanted to let you know this video changed my workout routine for the better! I was exercising everyday and could never tone my arms which drove me crazy … but since finding your videos and following your suggestions I have been seeing and feeling results – so now I feel more confident wearing sleeveless tops! Thank you again for your great website I really am enjoying the information and love your genuine personality which is very refreshing!!!

  2. Well u have a comment saying that you remind them of Olivia N John but I think you remind me of a more intelligent Jen Anniston. You just have that rare down to earth balance that is so rarely found.

  3. Thank you so much! I have been going to the gym for ages, and have never achieved toned arms. I have been doing your exercise every day, and the results are terrific. OMG, the wrinkled arms have nearly gone. I’m emotional as I write this. I’m so happy I found your video. I can now wear armless and sleeves clothes. BTW I’m 60 +. Ladies, the exercises work.

  4. Hey this is perfect. I’ve been starting to do some of these arm exercises with the dumbbells, more walking and cutting the starches like you mentioned. Very helpful to see! Thanks and I’ve subscribed!

  5. My arms are NOT my favorite. Every time I see this vid pop up in suggested I IGNORE it. But finally I did save it to watch LATER. When I can handle the arm shaming I will watch and follow! 🤣I'm not quite ready, but I'll get there.

  6. Thank you so much for your instructions which are super easy to follow and very inspirational. Will be going to the Sports store this weekend to get myself some light weights. You have a great personality and very informative and make a lot of sense especially for the FAB 50 groupies!

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