1. I think these sessions are real fun with the banter mixed with knowledge. More of these engagements rather than just talking at your audience in other capacities as well as trainer seasons. Product testimonials like this would be great.

  2. Hablas mucho, CALLATEEEEEE, si quieres platicar vete a tomar cafe a algún lugar con esos cabrones…. deja disfrutar la musica, de eso también se trata el spinning…. trn un poco mas de condición para que no te sofoquea…..CALLLATEEEEEEEE

  3. I have the Kickr3, I have no idea how to do this workout watching the video. How are you adjusting the effort level…. How do I adjust each level when you are changing…. Do I program anything…

  4. Hi Guys, what a great video and what a great workout!!! THANK YOU! I have a question for you, Music is fantastic, can you provide us any info about this music. Have a nice day!!!

  5. Once more thanks GCN – sweat city for this old guy. I am old enough to have been on a 200 mile 7 – 11 team training ride on an 80's Seattle to Portland ride.
    Full disclosure: I was dropped like a rock at 100 miles. Cheers.

  6. Can anyone help me work out how to convert MPH into RPM. I have a JLL IC300 Spin Bike and want to do these classes but struggle to work out the RPM & MPH. I usually cycle comfortably around 20-25 MPH at the minute as a beginner to spin. Thanks.

  7. Here is a tip to pronounce the dutch name Wout Poels in the correct manner:Instead of Wood use the beginpart of the word ‘ouch’. So it becomes W’ou(-ch)’t Poels. And Pools sounds just like Poels in Holland.
    So W-ou-t Pools!
    He will be getting more and more famous with the time comjng so it’s nice to know how to pronounce his name!
    Keep up the good work! Very usefull and funny video!

  8. Should get the Orica boys in for a sesh, probably get a bit more banter out of them than Wout "strictly business" Poels!
    He was pretty funny though.

  9. Thanks to Team Sky for participating in this video and poking fun at Matt. Now as to the low cadence… something doesn’t seem right about going below 60 rpms. And it seems high torque could create injury if it’s not used judiciously, paying careful attention to how the knees are responding from day to day. It’s hard to argue when pros do these workout though. Overall, fun video I will use this winter.

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