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  2. In reality, research shows that exercise influences weight loss minimally. I enjoy exercise once I'm done, LOL but I don't exercise to lose weight (I'm actually lifetime and am 25 lbs below my goal weight), I exercise for the same reasons I lost weight. I want to be the healthiest person I can be, I want to be strong.

  3. Only 300 plus calories—bilt bars—wow that really adds up in a day’s calories. Trigger foods that are sweet really mess with my brain. Can’t have them in the house if I am trying to lose weight. Junk food—we don’t need it – we crave it.

  4. Exercise is important but not a green light to eat whatever. I use exercise to eat more but within reason. I count every calorie using My Fitness Pal and track my runs/walks/hikes using the sister app Map My Run. I highly recommend using the app to track your miles. A walk at a moderate pace doesn't "earn" as many calories as people think. I routinely see friends post their post workout treats (because they earned it) but those fat filled, calorie laden foods completely undo any calorie deficit they were hoping for. And then they wonder why they don't lose weight. Understanding how many calories you actually burn is eye opening. So, exercise, in my opinion, is not to be used to over eat, but to improve overall health.

  5. Built bars call me from the cabinet lol,Love them.I find if I do the trade off for movement and eat more even if I have the extra points for activity I do not see the results I want.I do try to eat the balance carbs/protein to help with my energy for the activity.I am 51 and want to add some strength and boost my energy.Wish I had your view for outdoor walking-great job 2 miles it motivates me to go walk.

  6. Carrie- I am curious- how many calories are you adding to your coffee? I know you are not adding points but today Hungry Girl was talking about calories we don’t count because they are so few but how over the course of the day they really add up…

  7. I’m a runner, and aim for a blue dot, so I don’t really use my fitpoints and only a portion of my weeklies. But on long run days I do eat to the top of my healthy range. The key is I need to make sure I get enough protein for recovery. Some people need to eat more to lose whereas I don’t have to, yet – but once my overall mileage increases I may need to adjust my plan – but if I stall I’ll know to adjust. For now I’m satisfied, not hungry or craving and still losing.

  8. I am swapping fit points first before weeklies. And I have only used a couple of them, not all of them. It's my experiment and it's working for me so far. I am not exercising so I can eat more, but, I am tracking the fit points, as I feel I should earn my weeklies kind of mindset. I am exercising to lose more and get more fit. I thought I was fit, but when I was running for a train last month, I realized I am not so fit.

  9. I would love to be able to exercise…mainly walk. I have arthritis in my back and right hip. I have to use a cane or walker and even with that the pain is too much. I had back surgery and was doing much better, but fell. It was a setback. One of these days I will be able to get out and enjoy walking in the park again. Keep up the good work!

  10. yes, yes, onederland….I do not use more points when doing activity!…. I did order the hungry girl magazine on ebay!!!! thanks for sharing… was that a&w root beer flavor?

  11. Since I have started walking 4-5 times a week, I have been using my activity points most days. I think I feel like I need more if I go for a walk. If I don't feel like I need more I don't eat the extra points 🙂

  12. Walking 1 mile = only 100 calories.
    I view walking as a moving meditation, a chance for "me time"; not as a weightloss exercise. I alternate between yoga and walking. 1 day yoga, the next day walking, etc. I walk and/or yoga daily. Walking is not a part of weightloss for me. I was advised that a diet if 80% food, 17.5% exercise and 2 5% supplements. I can lose weight eating properly without exercise, but exercise for weight loss doesn't work for me.

  13. I don’t use my fit points but I do use my weekly bcs I learned that if I exercise and don’t use my weekly I don’t loss as much if I use them our coach told use to write down meals that really make us feel full so when your having those week where you are really hungry you can do some of those foods to help satisfied you

  14. I always want to work out to lose more but often times if I am doing high cardio it makes me hungrier and then I end up eating more calories than I burned … and that makes me not want to work out. It’s a hard mind game. 😔

  15. You can do it. I don’t eat the weeklies. I exercise for health not weight loss. I walk when I can. Just relax and eat portions of things you like. I have a special meal weekly and count the points. I look forward to that.

  16. My ideas about exercise: it makes me feel better when I do it regularly, but I don’t think it increases my weight loss. I have never lost weight because of exercise. I do think it helped me to maintain my weight in my 30s, but never saw weight loss by exercise only. I have always had to lower my food intake to lose weight. Even on the fad diets I was always restricting calories.

  17. You should add the water enhancers to your vanilla premier protein then blend it with some ice. Oh so yummy! I love adding the orange crush it’s like a creamsicle topped with fat free Reddi Whip. 😊 The Rootbeer one is super good too. I also like adding some to fat free yogurt. Same effect as premier protein, without the ice. Enjoy

  18. In freestyle there is really no reason to eat activity points.
    Feel like you need some extra fuel after exercise over and above what fits witj your dailies? There's the 0sp list, have some tuna. Or an egg. Or an apple…

  19. Thank goodness I don’t eat more than one built bar because I love them I find if I eat them later in the day I don’t crave anymore. 🤷‍♀️ I don’t eat my exercise or activity points even though I was told to I am hungrier though when I get more activity. Men lose weight so fast grrrrrr lol.

  20. I do exactly what Corey is doing or did do. I run every morning at least 4 miles but I only eat within my points or lower. Usually lower. I’m learning to eat healthy and eat until I’m satisfied not over full. So I eat a ton of veggies, fruit and protein. I’m a lifetimer and I’m 25 pounds below ww’s Goal. I don’t have to pay anything nor do I drink or eat a ton before weighing in. I’m not sure why your husband is doing that? It’s not WW policy. You just can’t be 2 pounds above your goal weight put below is fine.

  21. I am soooooo excited about exercise – not because I don't have to worry all the time about what I eat, but because it makes me feel sooooooo good that I have less need to turn to food for that innate fulfillment and contentment. Those natural endorphins released are better than any temptation that has tried to tempt me! Love, good luck!

  22. I 'am a 63 year old female. I have been a consistent exerciser. I do group classes plus I do walk. Even though I burn alot calories I barely go over my 1200 calorie allotment from my fitness pal. I feel better. It takes alot to burn those calories not eating just to wreck it up.

  23. No matter what, I can’t eat more. With my 50 year old peri-menopausal, thyroid disease metabolism I have to stick to 19-20 per day to lose or maintain. I run 3-5 miles everyday and earn 100 or more fit points each week! I am a bit like your hubby-I’m not a snacker, and if I do, it’s fruit or a hard boiled egg. I lost 65 pounds in 8 months and have been Lifetime and maintaining. I love the Built Bars, but limit them to two times a month. I like to keep them as a “special” treat. If I eat them too often, they are no longer special to me, they become “normal”.

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