1. I’ve always avoided intermittent fasting because I love breakfast too much… I’ve never thought to have breakfast for lunch!! I may have to give it a try 😁

  2. I love IM! I am keto and it will break a stall. I blew out of ketosis on Easter with the dreaded fresh Bacon beignets at church! Jess learn to drink your coffee black when you fast! That's what I do!

  3. I completely understand what you're saying about being in a challenge and wanting to follow through. I always do very well with challenges, but when I'm not doing one anything can happen lol. I'll want to snack for no reason and it's not hunger. I tried IF but I found it made me binge more, so now I just try to keep maybe a 10 hr window and it seems to be working for me

  4. Great job Jess! I was just thinking about starting the intermittent fasting to avoid mindless snacking as well! I love following your videos and recipes! Keep up the good work! Any suggestions for your fast time 16:8 etc? What are you using ?

  5. Like the Greek yogurt cream cheese in recipe “ Cajun chicken w/ paprika & oregano, reduced fat cheese , yellow peppers” 3 Smart points/ serving”!

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