1. you should add cut up pineapple to the chicken and rice next time. or make pineapple fried rice with chicken and serve it inside the pineapple.

  2. Do you eat the pineapple too tho? I mean the scooped out part, yeah. But I mean the bowl part? No, right bc it isn’t edible? Is it? I NEED DETAILS!!! 😭🍍

  3. I love you and Amy's videos! I am currently debating keto vs calorie deficit. My hubby and I have been doing keto for about 2 weeks and its been a challenge. I dropped 5 lbs but it is pretty dang hard. I want something more doable and your foods seem better. What are your thoughts on Keto?

  4. So when on a diet you can have rice ??? I'm so confused…I was told no but how can you say no to this recipe 😟 …. I fast Monday thru Friday with only drinking water and I eat Saturday and Sunday healthy of course .. I'm on a journey I'm a month in and it's going great 😁 but if I can have rice I want some !! Anyone answer my question would really appreciate it 😊

  5. Steph I love your energy you are such a beautiful person inside and out!
    Not sure if this was filmed after your surgery but your eye looks amazing!
    With or without the procedure you are perfect remember that

  6. "Watch yo' self" My favorite! I has such a hard day today at work, came home, and watch your video; and I really enjoyed it!! Thank you for the laughs 🌼🌼 Would you try some Spanish Puerto Rican recipe?

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