What I’ve been reading lately!

Hey guys!

I’ve been on a bit of a reading streak lately! Well, if you consider audiobooks as reading like I do.

I thought I’d share a few books I finished this month and some thoughts I have on each one, in case you’re looking for something to add to your TBR!

1. One in a Millennial by Kate Kennedy

one in a millenial kate kennedy motivational books nostalgiaONE IN A MILLENNIAL – KATE KENNEDY

Kate is the host of the podcast, Be There in Five! Her book was so nostalgic and made me smile. I found it super relatable because we grew up in the exact same era, are both hyper-aware of high school social hierarchies, both love Homegoods, and both love Taylor Swift – it was such a fun read.

2. The Messy Truth by Alli Webb

the messy truth alli webb entrepreneurship books motivationalTHE MESSY TRUTH – ALLI WEBB

This is the true story behind the Drybar empire. I loved how real Alli was about her weaknesses! It made me feel a little better about not knowing what to do sometimes…because it seems like everyone is just trying to figure out life (and business) as well. This was a quick read – I wanted even more detail!

3. Glossy by Melisa Meltzer

glossy melisa meltzer glossier entrepreneurship book motivationalGLOSSY – MELISA MELTZER

This is the inside story of Emily Weiss’s Glossier and it was JUICY. It had a gossipy journalistic style tone to it, which I loved! But I have mixed feelings on this because it’s missing Emily’s perspective (as this was a book written about her) so I was left feeling like I wanted to hear more from the entrepreneur perspective.

What should I read next?

Leave me some book recs in the comments!

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