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  3. Ok Candy, maybe your definition of working out is not the same as me. Workouts do wonders for weight loss and strength gains, it s all up to the individual to put in the effort. I see too many on their cell phones or leisurely reading or talking while on an elliptical. This doesn’t mean you’re working out. You need a serious plan, take short breaks and sweat it off for one hour and repeat it four times a week. No chit chat no looking around and no flirting at the gym. People are funny. You don t put in the effort then don t expect amazing results.

  4. Or if your a teen just lift weights exercise intake about 90grams protein to 120 grams protein, 40-70 grams of sodium and 40-50grams of fat with 60 grams of carbs and 80 grams of calcium

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