1. What an ignorant nutritionist! You "nutritionists" and "doctors" all say the same because you were all taught the same by the same establishment. You don't research, you copy/paste eachother! The TODAY SHOW should've also done SOME homework for selecting a "real" and well-educated nutritionist. The TODAY SHOW could've just typed: "Keto nutritionist" on Google and pick 1 of the 1000's out there. You don't need a college degree!

  2. That Doctor does not know what she is talking about. The long term study is the way we ate 70+ years without all the processed junk and added sugar. Back then there were not many overweight people, under 1% type 2 diabetics and very little heart problems

  3. Nutritionist and majority of doctors they don't like the keto lifestyle or even the fasting lifestyle. Anything out or from the american standard diet bothers the health profession. Yep that will mess with those pockets.

  4. I have been on the keto diet for over a year, lost over 80 pounds, and never felt better!! Labs to prove it!! Still got a ways to go but its amazing!!!! And the food is just real food. not junk. She is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Keto is done with intermittent fasting in different windows, ie 16 8 means 8 hours where you eat often 2 to 3 meals no snacks, low carb, moderate protein, etc and then you fast for the other hours, reaching ketosis, ie burning your fat for energy. I do 19 5 on average, 2 meals, one light and one medium. The IF is the main part of the ketosis so they go together.

  6. The nutritionist clearly doesn't know what she is taking about, I started keto because I was sick my health was a mess and I was tired of doctor's bills and nothing ever changed only got worse. KETO Save me and I lost weight and fell great.

  7. I have been doing Keto for 6 weeks now. I have lost 40 lbs so far. I don't stop breathing anymore when I sleep, I snore a lot less loudly… so my wife says and my energy level has gone up. Keto is not that hard. My main focus is making sure my calories aren't high during the day. My highest are my fats and proteins. I love Keto

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