1. Just imagine the whole time all the cameras wasn't working ,next day on the news paper a group of athletes commit suicide what's the reason will you already know 😀

  2. Day1 : doing 30 min skipping some moves
    Or doin it slowly
    Face : red like tomato
    Breathing :30%
    Day2: doing 30min with half slowly all the moves , finding some difficulties but I did great
    Face :red
    Breathing: 50%
    Muscles: hard to move so painful,
    Pushups : hard to do with broken muscles

  3. Did it for the first time and just realized how unfit I am… gonna attempt this everyday and see how long it takes me to be half as fit as Erin! Might even make a video of it.. 🙂

  4. Amazing energy, but I would not call this casual "cardio|workout"… this was painful and brutal, too much MHR, at least for average fit this could be even dangerous!! I think this is just challenge and not recommended doing regularly (maybe once a month).

    This all was my personal opinion ✌, and I think only fit people should try overcome this heavy-kick ass cardio annihilation ? 0:08

    P. S.
    I am running everyday for 35 minutes and training for over 5 years and yet this was not that easy to me…

  5. This workout has changes my life… Has lost a lot of lbs with healthy diet… But, it kills me every time.. I'm so lazy that I didn't do it on regular basis… But maintained a healthy diet… After two months saw a huge difference ( before that I didn't noticed myself..lol)… Still can't catch their speed ?

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