1. Dark energy will keep you hyped for hours apon hrs… Reminded me of craze og. I worked out so hard that I was wrecked the next day. Way better the leatherfaze! I went to gym at 8pm got home at 10ish. Couldn't sleep until like 8 am. Be careful on the first day of use! Dark energy takes a while to kick in.. True. Leather hits me within 5 or 10 min but dark energy feels different and oddly enough feels clean and safer. Just don't know why I couldn't sleep At all!

  2. Leatherfaze was good but on my second tub they sent me one that was rock hard and that shit made me sick and thought I was having a heart attack one night when I tried to run in through my blender to make it powder again (which never happened). I think it's bc the ingridients didn't get distributed correctly when it got hardened in the tub..dangerous if you get rock hard crap that's destroyed "because of humidity."

  3. Tried leatherfaze for the first time yesterday. It kicked-in in about 20 minutes. Man, it's the best feeling ever! How frequently can I take this stuff as I don't want to build up a tolerance?

  4. Im gonna f my liver up on dis shiiiiit. Uncle Eddie u got me hyped brah! Scooped up DE Bombsicle and Grape and dat Kraker Jack joint. Dopest intro eva btw, u so cray haha🤣😜💪🔥🇺🇸🤘

  5. Anybody else just get the bombsicle dark energy in? Second time taking it and idk if I got a bad batch or what but I do not see the hype. 400 mg of caffeine yet I can feel my other pre way more and it’s 350, and I’ve never taken DMAA before so not sure what it’s supposed to feel like but I don’t feel any type of way.

  6. Finally tried kracked. Great pre workout. I personally didn't get the tingles. I felt like the pre works accordingly to how hard to push in the gym. The harder I hit the weights the harder it kicked in the less I did the less it took effect. Thanks playa

  7. Halopharm kracked is the only preworkout dat works for me I used dark energy 2 &1/2 very slow nice energy dont do much like 1 scoop kracked do kracked hits you hard like no other.

  8. Ugh, pina colada flavor is going to have to be a "no" from me. I have a jug of WILD in "wild bear" flavor that I hardly ever use because of the flavor, which is some kind of gross super fucking sweet coconut berry thing. It honestly makes me feel kind of pukey after drinking it – no such issue with the braxton's sour pals flavor or sweet tea flavor(which also sucks, but not nearly as much). I'll probably wait for another flavor option, and if I miss out, I miss out.

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