1. Can i just add that further to me starting this fun exercise program a few months back, I wanted to let you all know that I've felt so much better in myself, I no longer have any reservations about myself and I have so much more energy than I used to, just by spending 20 mins a day doing this amazing #zumba ! Of course, my Clever coffee helps but this program has quite literally Changed my life! And it's great FUN Too 😉

  2. ok, I got it, the quality is not the best, the lens is the wrong choice and the sound is really coming bad. For a 48min video, it should have a proper voice, otherwise, we feel only noise

  3. Awesome to have an exercise routine to be able to do from the comfort of our home, very thorough routine and easy to follow! Thank you for sharing such a helpful video Simon:)

  4. Thanks for sharing these Zumba videos Simon. Thoroughly enjoying your content. And of course taking action by participating in the exercises too. I really can start to see and feel the results now. I really appreciate the support

  5. Many options to be active, each person needs to find what works for them. If they find something they enjoy, then they are more likely to continue that new healthy exercise habit! The most important thing is to be active – find what works!!

  6. Do you know what, in spite of Zumba being around for donkeys years, I'd never seen a proper class, nor of course have I ever been to one. I think I shall give it a try. It looks exhausting, but I've got to start somewhere, and with this video I can do it from home too 👍👍👍 thanks again 🙏

  7. i have been doing this for three months now i have lost 7 kgs. who would of thought it possible. thankyou very much for this video. i am reading your website now, excellent information.

  8. wow what a superb product. everybody loseing weight..You have to try this guys..THIS IS A REAL WINNER.tHE WORK OUT SUPERB YOU FEEL SO GOOD AFTER IT.

  9. Hello love, I can’t stay away from this video lol! I am watching it again and still can not do it! They look like there having so much fun! I wonder if I could do this sitting down?

  10. Does anyone know which instructor this is please as he us fab. Done this dance workout for the 1st time today and loved it. I usually just follow my dvds but this was a nice change. would love to do morr of his viedos if he has any

  11. Love it! Thanks to the instructor for showing steps first before doing the dances. No caption and I'm deaf. It's easy for me to follow him. Great & fun workout and I'll do his dances again. I'll be better & smoother next time! Thanks!!!

  12. I have been doing your Zumba dance exercise now for eight months now, and believe it or not it helps. I have so far lost 8 pounds. That is only 1 lb per month. However, I was not particularly overweight to start. In other words, it has helped to shape my body. Thank you very much for this great video.

  13. I seen your zumba vedio and I started to do for weight loss and do it for 1month but there is no difference in me..can u suggest me anything else.

  14. I am afraid that would hurt me 😂 It looks like so much fun! How do they do that and not break themselves lol I must be getting old 😂

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