1. Maybe if you had some actual overweight people I could be more inspired. It hurt watching skinny people do the exercise that you’re having a hard time getting through. IMO

  2. Love you Leslie. Thank you. I've been walking with you for 2 months now. I'm amazed at how ive lost weight and I still eat what I love. I exercise with you 6 days a week. Thank you. I plan on getting my siblings to walk along with you and me. Maybe their kids too.

  3. Thanks so much for doing these videos. I has gall bladder surgery in March. It's May now. So I'm walking around now that I'm able. And this helps a lot.

  4. I’m so glad I stumbled across these walking videos! When inclement weather threatens I can pull this up an do it home! Thank you!
    ❤️ from the beehive State!

  5. hi Leslie, thanks for the workout together! just wonder if is alright to do all 'just walk' at home without shoes on (bare feet)?

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