1. Thank you for these workout vids. They are in total honesty changing my life. Getting up and moving feels so good and your positivity keeps me going when I wanna stop. The way you believe in me helps more than you know. Sorry for the text wall but juat wanted to let you know the impact you have made for me. Thanks again! 💖💖

  2. You saved my day! Found my way here at my lowest point of mentality and you picked me up. I love your work out, genuinely great and the way you instruct and motivate us with your kind words. Thank you so much. Big appreciation to you and your work! Please keep up with your greatness

  3. @Koboko Fitness Thanks so much for this video. You are SUPER motivational. I love how you smile while exercising. It led me to believe that the workout was going to be really easy until I began sweating and breathing harder. It was an awesome first day of exercising. Needless to say, I subscribed and will be back tomorrow a.m. You're Fantabulous!

  4. Just subscribed after doing this workout. I definitely was not feeling motivated but I said “let me get myself up off this couch” and you totally motivated me. I love your positivity throughout the workout, it was really helpful!

  5. I just finished your workout and it was surprising to me that it didn’t kill me like last time. 🤠 I know I shouldn’t be going to hard on my body but I think if your a girl who stays home a lot I deserve some exercise like this.

  6. your workouts are now making me feel like a better person and encouraging me to work out more!! i’m doing this for myself, and i want to do this. i love you, thank you

  7. I've got a question, I've just had my first baby, and he is 4 months old. I breastfeed, so it's hard to find some time for myself, even though my husband, tries to help as much as possible. I want to get back into shape, but is there a trick to working our, and handling the baby? As a mom, any suggestions??

  8. Hi, I really love your videos 🙂 I wanna ask you something. I want to grow my booty and bust so I am exercising for a long time like everyday, but it has a small effect. Should I eat some protein? And if yes, how often? Thank you for answering. Bye 🙂

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