1. Just wanted to say thank you to the both you beautiful ladies for helping me with exercises that I really needed help with god bless you always I’m 50 years old and I’m gonna continue to exercise it keeps looking younger and feeling 👍😎😎😎😎💪💪💪🤸‍♀️

  2. First, let me say I love your videos. Have you done one on flabby leg skin? You know the area between the hip and knee. I have a lot of sag going on there and wondered if there is an exercise to tighten this are like you tighten the flabby arms. Thanks for all the hard work your putting into your videos.

  3. Awesome workout. I love your videos. Yes I am over 50 well about twenty years over 50 but am often told I look 50 or less. 😲😲 I love all of your videos and your commitment to helping women stay healthy and youthful. You are beautiful….inside and out. Thank you. 💞💞💞

  4. Looking for exercises for my mom & came across this & they're no different for any age group! Lol But good job, this is good to know! 🙃

  5. Loved this video , its doable every day without the horrid excessive aching I get when I try to,do everything in one or two longer workouts at the gym . Thank you I'm enjoying all your videos .

  6. I wonder if it's really butt lift work …i do such exercises still isn't the effective as far as i can …i do dont see yet results thanks …i.like your ways … exercises…more power

  7. These are great! TY Ladies. I'm on a new start to get back into shape after a depressing amount of time with back surgery and some of these exercises remind me of many that I did in physio to get my lower back strong again. Question: What do you think of instead of the Booty Band; wear a light weight ankle weight? 2 – 3 lbs perhaps? I'm 59 y/o and 5'10

  8. Need something for hips. All this is great but it doesn't reduce much of my hips. Even when I lose weight everywhere else…my hips are always big and out of proportion. 🙁

  9. Great video, bit concerned about the squats, have heard from doctors, they are of good for women who may have an issue with prolapse, they do it recommend squats.

  10. A BIG THANKS to you both, pretty girls! These exercises are just amazing to help grow and get a compact attractive buttocks; since it's a muscle, it's easy to rebuild with an appropriate exercise routine! Great video, and again, thanks a bunch Shelley for a wonderful channel! ♡

  11. Hi. I decided to check out your channel after seeing you in a Tim Schmoyer video. Your content and how you present yourself is great. I may not be anywhere near 50 yet but if you don't mind, I'm subscribing!!! 🙂

  12. Hi.. nyc video… Evn i hv started few of these exercises but the squeezing part is missing .. I like almost all of ur videos… Stay blessed n kp motivating 😍

  13. When I view your work outs they remind me so very much of Jane Fonda's videos from the 80´s and 90's. They are so easy to follow but ever so effective. Thanks for reminding me of these moves again!

  14. Wow Schellea! That looked hard and you did a great job. I need to start doing this and get my bootie and thighs hard. I remember doing this when I was in modern dance many moons ago . . . lol. It's time to do it again. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thank you! New subscriber here. A couple of months ago I descided to dedicate the winter to my glutes as soon as I recovered from my operation and this was JUST what I needed!

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