1. Thank you, CF, for sharing such motivating videos for anyone and everyone who are trying to figure out where and how to start being healthier in their everyday lives! No matter where you are starting, the point is… you ARE starting and don't give up! No one else can do it for you, but you! Much love! 🙂

  2. Be glad you didn't have to start here. If you found Crossfit when you were young or weren't obese or both then thank your lucky stars. Some people have uphill battles and they start when can barely a few of these at a time. I was there. I started when I couldn't walk more than 100 yards without severe back pain. I couldn't do a pushup and my shoulder wouldn't allow me to raise my arm overhead. Don't mock someone for trying and starting. It's much harder to do these few especially in a box where everyone around you zooming around, when you feel like you're crawling.

  3. I think this is great! Too bad that people have time to comment dumb shit! Imagine being someone that is insecure but want to start exercising, then reads the comments about this and doesn’t try it, because people are claiming this as lame (reading between the lines)…
    Be kind people! Be kind!

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