1. DAY 29!! A super awesome lower body circuit 😍 I apologize for the lighting on this video and tomorrows (day 30). The outside conditions were not the greatest!! Much love and see you tomorrow! xx

  2. Can do you do some kind of “loose weight” workout? In the way I can do these exercises during the week for some amount of days.. I need a real coaching to tell me what to do and when lol

  3. I'm a big fan of yours! Although Yoga feels better and easier for me personally ! Here's a program that really helped me tone and start yoga as a beginner guys!@t

  4. Loved your workout I'm looking forward to workout again seeing your video will I just had a baby one year ago and I'm trying to get back on track I used to workout back then with lots of weights so I wanted to try something new.

  5. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would’ve been. The thought round 2 was going to be so long, but it really wasn’t. I just kept pushing and I did it! And I thought a wall sit was going to be hard, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought

  6. I have no idea how to do a lunges, I'm able to do maybe 3, if it's even correct. I can't go down it's like I'm half way still up but kind of bending. Helpppp.

  7. Day one : Made it through the whole workout skipped the last wall sit tho just couldn’t do it sweating like crazy will try to be consistent great workout tho

    Day two: I was surprised how motivated I was to do this workout usually I procrastinate as long as I can but the vibe of this workout is different I reccomend fifteen minutes feels like five after , the workout has me sweating once again it was a bit smoother then when I did it the first time I feel really fit already

  8. I like this workout very much. I do your Billie Eilish fullbody for warmup and then this one.. Gets me really sweaty and nice burn on the legs.

  9. I was looking for something to help me strengthen my legs as I had a knee injury last year. I've been going through physical therapy but I need something more. So thank you.

  10. I tried this yesterday 😊

    Day 1 ✔️: The first set was pretty easy but I was unable to do the second one, because I felt super dizzy.

    Day 2 ✔️ : I did it after breakfast (I ate fruits, yogurt and cereals)
    It was easier than before, and I did it entirely, but I made a few breaks. My legs hurt when I walk but I can feel that they're getting tighter even if it's not really noticeable yet.

    Day 3 ✔️ : I'm getting a small result, my legs still hurt but it's way easier to do.

    Day 4 ✔️

  11. I absolutely LOVE this circuit! I watched this 2 days ago and couldnt even finish the 2nd set bc I was dying hah. BUT I FINISHED IT TODAY! I still struggle on the back lunges but ill get better! Keep it up, girl!

  12. hi there. for the first time in my life, I start to do exercises. i love your way and technics, but i do have knee and some back (scoliosis) problem. I and probably some other people as well would like to ask you to introduce 15-20 min work out with out putting stress and pressure on those parts of the body? If you can help that will be wonderful. thanks in advance! xx

  13. What kind of results will this give? I have a naturally really curvy, hour glass figure, but i am overweight. Will this reduce the size of my butt and thighs, or add shape, or increase the size? I want to just keep my figure but also strengthen and tone my legs and butt… please i need help

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