1. Hi Goe thanks for the law inpact, excersie it was very good, I really sweated loads, I get board really quickly with any exercise as I've got a lot of health problem and in constant pains all over so this was just what I needed, I just hope that I repeat it every day. big hugs your doing the world a lot of good and I wish you and your lovely family health and happiness always! Also I saw you on the news with your daughter what a fab dad you are keep the good work up as a dad your a very good roll model to other dads so I thought I'll look you up on google and your videos popped up on my utube so I'm well chuffed so hears to me getting abit of my life back thanks again Sam x

  2. I've got a cold and feel a bit rubbish tbh but didn't want to miss doing a workout so this was perfect to get my heart racing but not so much that I feel run down!

  3. 30 seconds work. 30 seconds rest.
    1. Squats
    2. Forward leg rotators (left foot forward)
    3. Forward leg rotators (right foot forward)
    4. Walk outs
    5. Raised plank knee lifts (1 knee at a time)
    6. Side lunge touches (touch the floor in front of you)
    7. Iron mike's standing march (opposite elbow to knee)
    8. Box Push-up (on the knees)
    9. Plank (from the elbows)
    10. Slow motion burpees
    11. Bicycle crunches (1 leg off the floor at a time)
    12. Squat (with Pause at the button of the rep)
    13. Walk in squat thrusts
    14. Power squat (with touch on the floor in front of you)
    15. Knee kick lunges right, knee kick lunges left (15 seconds each side)

  4. Need more longer workouts, higher intensity πŸ’ͺ🏼 full body kettlebell workouts, another challenge and more add on videos πŸ˜€ summer holidays are creeping up πŸ‘™βœˆοΈ

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