1. I work 12 hour overnight shifts- with varying degrees of movement. I cannot sleep more than 5 hours (if that) during the day because my body thinks it should be AWAKE during the day. I'm not obese, but I am not skinny. I run 3.5 miles on average 4 -5 days a week, and do various other exercises with varying degrees of intensity throughout the week as well, and have 1 cheat day. I have been within 5 lbs up or down of the same weight for several months. I do not drink sugary beverages, Primarily water actually, with the occasional coffee to make it through the shift. I also do not eat a lot of junk food. So how does someone like ME lose weight?

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  3. Fruit may seem healthy, but its as unhealthy as a peice of candy. Its full of sugar, people say its healthy because its "natural" sugar, but it still has the same sugar that's in candy. So if you are honestly hungry or want a snack, eat meat. Not breaded, just plain cooked meat.

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