1. New subscriber! Congrats on the loss! Losing weight is rough. But just like you, when I set a goal I see the ending (most of the time). I’m gonna start (another) weight loss journey. Hope we can stay connected 💕

  2. Hi mieka. Love the scarf. Why are you sad? Don't cry. But I'll lend you my shoulder to lean on and I'm a good listener. Love queen latifah.

  3. Hey Meika, do you feel sick on the days you refeed? I am noticing that when I eat now I feel sick to my stomach. Also do you drink zero calorie gatorade during your water fast? If so does it impact your weight loss? Thanks

  4. Great job girl! I find when I drink at least one cup of hot water with lemon juice and ACV (my spouse calls it stinky tea) per day my weight loss seems faster. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not though lol! Keep up the great work! Go as long as you feel good. If you’re weak then do a refeed and hop back into fasting 😊

  5. CONGRATS sheesh what are we going to do with YOU 7lbs wow IDK what to say….. I feel like I'm moving slow now, no time for that got to much fat to release lol. I have yet this round to do a water fast/0 calorie drinks maybe I should try….I am sticking with my two goals working out and fasting…Don't be sad especially when you can control it.

  6. I've been doing doing OMAD keto for about 12 days and loving it. I started at 272.2 and I'm now around 255. I'm started a YT channel and you're def. A inspiration

  7. Hey Miss Mieka… you are NOT allowed to be sad! That is a NEW habit!😁 I too, am extremely sensitive and even as soon as you said you were sad, I already started welling up so no more bc I love your giggly, happy, personality! I actually giggle along with you the whole video bc your energy is very contagious! So I am happy to hear that you CHOSE to push that sadness away and be HAPPY today! Thadda girl! Plus…as you said, how can you NOT be overjoyed with 7.6lbs in 2 days?!? That is incredible! I am still doing my 2 habits & my fasting. So I'm glad to have you along. I am gonna try to only eat 1 OMAD refeed every Monday, that's it. So join along if you can! Hope you have an AMAAAZZING day, you deserve it!! 😁😍🤗

  8. Congratulations on your 7 pound loss–I just subscribed! This weight loss thing is tough, so I understand you feeling sad. I have been doing 16:8 IF since the summer. I did one 5-day juice fast in December, but I think I would like to try OMAD next. I am about 15 lbs. away from my goal. Looking forward to following your progress!

  9. Wow Mieka, what you are doing is working and I am happy for you. Sorry you were feeling a little low but I know you will bounce back. We all have those down days but it is just temporary. I am on your hurray team and you are doing fantastic.

  10. Congrats Mieka you're almost out of your 200's. ACV is good and Lemon is too😁👍🏾 .I'm happy you're not feeling sad anymore. I need to make a workout habit going to think on it 🤔

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