1. 🚨 here’s the comment you’ve been looking for

    I am going to update this every day I do it, idk how many days I will I’ll just do it until I’m satisfied. For reference I’ve been doing her under butt workout for like 5 or 6 days and I’m already noticing results but she said it won’t transform your booty so I came here lol.

    Day 1: took mini breaks because I just couldn’t get through it all haha. definetly more sore on the hamstrings and arms but I feel it in my booty too.

  2. Can I request a maternity video? I'm 6 months pregnant and can't do any workouts on my tummy. I just modified no biggie! just thought it could be fun to do a whole maternity video 🙂

  3. I have done the ab isolate video a few times and yes it was challenging but I did not feel like I was dying… Mistake of me to expect the same from this one! This one is a killer! Glad I'm not planning to walk any sort of stairs tomorrow 😅

  4. Great video!
    I did this for a week and my butt went from 39 inches to 40 inches!!
    Consider that I used to train everyday but I literally went on hiatus so I already had muscles

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