1. You are so funny and motivational! Your videos are really amazing and when doing the exercises I have the feeling you actually see me haha! Keep doing this amazing job ?

  2. Your workouts are so many and so effective that I'm spoiled for choice. I love the vivacity in them. Now I'm hooked and so grateful that I've something to look forward to everyday. Kudos girl.

  3. Thank you so much for creating this channel!! It helps so much for an easy work out at home and the positive comments along the way makes me feel like I can do it! These videos make me want to get up and move around

  4. THANKS HOLY COW I FEEL REALLY UNCONFIDENT BUT AFTER THIS I LEGIT FEEL AMAZING. I’m only 12 and you are helping me so much. I weigh 126 and my goal is 110. How long will it take if I do these everyday, plus five miles on the exercise bike and I eat healthy?

  5. LOVE this video! i like that it has a faster pace, and thanks for adding the warm ups & cool downs, so awesome 🙂 I'm going to take a shower now, a cold shower.. then a nap haha!

  6. Hey hun! Once again I just want to say thank you again for these awesome workouts! You get my heart racing every time and I can't wait for results! May I recomend doing more full body and lower back/butt workout! they the best! Xoxo kindra

  7. Your amazing I found this channel to get in shape I been reaching my goals you can see my progress I going to get into pe class so that's why I started to work out ???? to make my self feel better and show off to my classmates

  8. hey, happy new year, girl! just finished exercising with your new video after the long week of Christmas break. I love this video! Easy to follow but still make me sweating! Thank you!

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