1. Thank u Hasfit and Thank u coach. I absolutely loved it. I have a minor heart malfunction and I can't go through intense workouts and exercises. I searched a lot to find sth that suits me. And I found you. Thank u coach for your inspirational and motivational speaking through out the exercise. It really kept me going.

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I used to run half marathons and am dealing with inflamed joints. Ive been lifting weights and struggling to hit the cardio level I used to from running. This was perfect with some 10 pound weights! I had to set them down for the last round and FINALLY broke a sweat. All the other cardio videos have too much jumping, or I'm barely even sweating. This was perfect. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the fitspiration! ???‍♂️??‍♀️The hardest part in exercise is to START! It all has to be mental not physical. It just sooo easy to quit. You gotta be motivated. You’re the best virtual coach!

  4. This workout doesn't feel light but it is! I was sweating by the end, and goes by quick! I have RA and I so needed this in my life!! Thank you so much ?

  5. Love thos work out I'm 19 I smoke alot I needa get my breathing and cardio up
    I feel like this work out really is a great place to start
    Pushed me beyond my limit yet was light enough to keep going

  6. This is one first workouts where i can not be afraid injuring myself ( of course if follow the tips) yet i have only 3 kg handles its a bit over limit but works great on my body and good dammit this is workout i getting to love everyday doing.. thanks for such good exercise

  7. Holy crap I am so out of shape. But damn it if I made it through the whole video. It feels so good to actually complete it. My mind kept arguing with my body. My body kept screaming for me to stop but my mind was telling it to shut the hell up. lol

  8. when this video started i thort 'hey this is easy ahahaahahaa' so i did it at almost double speed. by near the end of the 2nd round i learnt that even simple things can be tiring xD my body waznt wanting to move anymore my arms wanted to just dropped. but i kept up the pace (slower than what i started but still a little faster than the video) and pushed to the end. i got a big road ahead of me to lose around 35kg but im forcing myself to stick at it this time. and for anyone saying that they cant do this, i have a badly injured foot, i fell over a few times and threw up from the pain but still managed to do it. there are people with missing body parts that still find a way. u can do it to u just gotta push urself

  9. I am so glad I discovered your work out videos!! Coach Kozak and Claudia are amazing and I love your comments during the work out. It gives me more energy and motivates me to do more. Thanks to both of you and please continue your good work.

  10. I can't believe how hard this workout was. It seemed easy, in the first round I thought "wow this is easy maybe I should go run five minutes on the elliptical after this?" (Btw I hate running on the elliptical even if it is for five minutes) but now I just finished and im so exhausted!!!

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