1. Absolutely love your workouts❤️ i have done this and the low impact cardio starter so far during the past two weeks and i came to realize i never truly had a “good workout” before this. Im not a workout fanatic nor have i ever went to the gym before i just like to keep generally active by doing regular activities and being healthy. Ive been looking through youtube for a good workout that i can follow along easily and you guys are the best so far. The workouts break a good SWEAT 💦 and i feel amazing afterwards

  2. والله اكتر من رائع انا دخلت لجيمات بس طرقتو هادي رغم أن صعب بس مريح ولقيت تغير في تلات ايام 😉🤩🤩🤩🤩

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