1. you want a new watercooker? Destroy the one you have by cooking noodles in it. And you have a reason to buy a new one!!!!! And have you noticed the air under your sofa matress is not the best. Why would you store your shirt under it and sit on top. And shower caps ( made to cover hair) will put your friends off, when they come to visit and eat. ( Hiding liquor bottles behind your office files is a smart trick , I hope the alcoholics have noticed.) (kid = Mommy have you seen my toys that i got for christmas?? Mom = ammmmmmm… i have to get ready for work.. bye……..) (hanging up your plates with rubber bands is a really good idea…. if you want to buy new ones). Smart? well some of the hacks make you look like a fool and hobo.

  2. Well, let's see. You can go to an expensive little shop to buy the tools. Or go to DollarTree to buy the actual product. Hmmmm. Those cookies were BURNT, by the way. Ugh. Just so typical.

  3. Stopped watching at 1 min something and amazed I made it that far, the ads at the beginning were more interesting, sticking children’s toy cars to coffee tables ?! WT….

  4. I do like the idea of using a carabiner to carry all the groceries with a single trip. Link a bunch of carabiners as a looped chain and attach all of the bags to all the carabiners. Carry by hand the eggs and bread. Tactical groceries! XD

  5. Why is there a thumbnail pic of a cucumber being cut/spiralled used with an empty, and cut plastic bottle of coke if it’s not going going to be in the five minute food hacks?!
    I have been led up the garden path without a paddle… 😂
    My last sentence makes as much sense as the anticipation of how I can save time spiralling my veg.
    I’ve clearly wasted 7 minutes of the time – five mins on the video and two compiling this message… 😂😂😂

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