1. I've never done a video quite like the second half of this one, but I really liked it.  (The slow pace of the first half was nice too.)  Baby rolls–ha!  I was laughing along with you!

  2. Totally appreciate this! Felt amazing💗 So glad to see the baby rolls! Loved those in the lazy hot 100 workout🙌🏼 But even better….
    Blossom!!! I feel like it’s been so long since she was around! Sometimes I hear her jingle but not this much🙊
    Have a lovely day and thank you💖

  3. This is the first standing exercise I've been able to do since tearing an upper thigh muscle.  Six weeks of frustration!!  Thank you for restoring my sanity.

  4. Baby rolls and you laughing. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t do them if I tried!! I did get one or two in. So funny. Thanks for this. I don’t have sciatica, but I really liked the slower pace today, sore from my uphill, over an hour walking podcast yesterday! 😬😂🤭

  5. Great work out! I have been suffering from piriformis pain that thankfully hasn't had added sciatic pain–but I have suffered from that in the past. Discovered that one of the main causes of the pain was how I was sleeping. Gonna add that pigeon pose to my daily work immediately.

  6. Love this! Was so perfect for me. I suffer from sciatica issues due to very tight glutes which have compressed several lower vertebrae. I do several of the stretches, but definitely need to work on those baby rolls! Great gentle workout!

  7. This is a great gentle workout for my frozen shoulder, not too much moving with the arms! I love pointer dog, but I am still not capable of putting my biceps near my ears, I am trying though! And I loved all the stretches!

  8. Thank you! Really was helpful for my scoliosis, which makes it feel like I have sciatica down my left leg, and did not irritate the degenerative disc disease in my neck. My hero!!!

  9. What a hoot ! I chuckled like mad doing the rolls from side to side, listening to you laughing your head off ! Love these 'gentler' workouts, thanks !

  10. This felt great! I don’t suffer with sciatica pain and almost passed this one up. Glad I didn’t. It’s a great cardio, abs, and stretch workout. Thanks Pahla!

  11. I really appreciate you being honest about calories burnt. Ty .❤️
    So many workout videos exaggerate the calories burnt simply for views. 👀 so annoying 🙄

  12. Pahla! Perfect workout for my back and hip 🙌🏼 a few weeks ago I pulled my back and I couldn’t move for at least 3 days. I feel better now but I’ve been very careful with my workouts. Thank you for making this exercise it felt so good and those stretches were great. Pigeon pose happens to be a favorite of mine. But those baby rolls- hysterical! 😂 thanks for the core work thanks for the laughs 💕

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