1. Tried it. Used 10lbs, No Rest, 9Mins. The first set was too easy, but as I progressed I felt the burn and was dripping by the last.
    Actually the only rest I took was 2 deep diaphragm breaths

  2. It's amazing but after watching this I am feeling the burn. I only just recently started to use lighter weight for better form and it is incredible the results.

  3. that extra bit at the bottom doesn’t matter because there’s no tension there, only tension you may feel will be in the traps, and maybe your forearms if the weight is heavy enough, but not your shoulders

  4. I only workout to make my testicles bigger! I lift weights with my testicles using 10 pound weights off the floor and holding that position for 30 minutes! It worked too good ! Now my testicles drag on the floor behind me on the floor ! It's like pulling two large potatoe sacks behind me

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